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Why SEO Is Essential For Your Website In 2016

Imagine you posted a photo of one of your products on your website. Let’s say you sell kitchen goods and post a photo of a toaster. A human would be able to describe it easily as “a silver toaster with four slots and crumb tray”. A search engine, on the other hand, wouldn’t have any way to identify the image or use it to bring customers to your website as it doesn’t recognise images on their own. And it’s the same with any part of your website – if a search engine doesn’t know about the page, or how to return it to its users then it won’t be sending anybody to your website.

This is where search engine optimisation (SEO) comes in, and it’s one of the most important considerations for your online business. SEO helps search engines to understand your content, whether it is in image or text format, so that it can use this data to deliver search results to its users. Whether you are selling products or services, without good SEO, nobody will ever know you exist.

Making Sure Your Content Gets Seen

You could have the most engaging and attractive website ever, and yet the design alone will not bring you visitors. Every single page needs to be optimised using SEO. This could be with a product description alongside photos of your products, or it could be an optimised landing page using keywords that search engines will use when users search for the products you are selling.

There are many forms of SEO that you can take advantage of. At GLC Digital Marketing, we offer a holistic approach to SEO, using onsite and offsite SEO strategies that will raise your exposure, attract visitors and which work hand in hand with the latest search engine technology. SEO is constantly evolving, and so we take care to ensure we use effective and compliant techniques that will bring you the best return on your investment.

The Results You Can Expect

Once your website has been fully optimised, you will start to experience tangible results in the form of more exposure, more visits and ultimately more enquiries and sales. Working closely with you, we will learn your business goals and identify relevant industry keywords and other SEO elements that are going to drive more traffic to your website, and get you ahead of your competitors.

Speak to us today to find out more about how critical SEO is for your online business. Quite simply, you cannot do without it.